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YX-680-500Multi station positive and negative pressure suction molding machine

YX-680-500Multi station positive and negative pressure suction molding machine
Application: 排水的构成:排水板由高密度聚乙烯(HDPE)制成的,具有圆锥形凸台的一种立体空间支撑结构的,即具有排水功能,又具有蓄水功能的一种轻型板材,板材空间刚度极高,抗压性强。
Technical parameter:

Various kinds of films (PP, pet, APET, PETG, PVC, PS) can be absorbed into different shapes of plastic covers. For example, toys, hardware, food, electronics, medicine, etc. can be packaged in secret, and can produce three-dimensional relief pattern, plastic ceiling, wallboard, cake box, automobile materials and sanitary equipment to form exquisite lining or shell packaging.

1. Positive and negative pressure mutual molding function

2. PLC integrated functional circuit design

3. Infrared ceramic independent control design is adopted for thermal radiation

4. Automatic cutting and stacking

5. Design of quick cooling and shaping gas path

6. Servo drive and electric feeding design

名称Name 品牌及规格、型号Brands and specification model
真空泵Vacuum pump 德国伟力(1台) 100/H/3KWGermany Weili(one set) 100/H/3KW
冷水机Cold-water machine 台湾腾飞(1台)   5HPTaiwan Tengfei (1) 5HP
冲切增压系统Punching and pressurizing system 台湾玖容(Nine in Taiwan)
电磁阀Solenoid valve 日本CKD/SMCJapan CKD/SMC
伺服系统Servo system 松下/台达Panasonic / Delta
触摸屏Touch screen 台达Taiwan 10.4 inch Delta
继电器Relay 日本和泉Japan and the spring
发热砖Heating brick 德国节能型(80组)Energy saving type of in Germany(group 80)
空气开关/接触器Air switch / contactor 日本富士/韩国LGFuji, Japan / Korea LG
调温系统Temperature regulating system 韩国AOYI集成控制AOYI integrated control in Korea
PLC系统PLCsystem 日本三菱/松下JapanMITSUBISHI / Panasonic Japan
传动链轨Transmission chain rail 定制(镍合金)Custom made (nickel alloy)
成型范围Forming range 500-600mm

配置说明Configuration deion:

成型宽度Forming width
成型长度Forming length 250mm-500mm
成型高度Forming height 0mm-80mm
生产效率Production efficiency 0-1000次/时
拉片形式Drawing form 伺服马达Servo motor
上热炉控制方式Control mode of hot stove 40组一控一形式 (600W)
40 groups of one control one form
下热炉控制方式Control mode of lower heat furnace 40组一控一形式(600W)40 groups of one control one form
底模最大行程Maximum stroke of bottom die 100mm
电   源Power supply AC380V/220V   50HZ
实际耗电量Actual consumption of electricity 0-45KW
机械尺寸Mechanical size L8800mm×W1900mm×H2700mm
机械重量Mechanical weight 7500Kg